6 Simple Tips For Health And Fitness

Health and Fitness

6 Simple Tips For Health And Fitness

The quality of your life is so dependent on the state of your health and fitness. The best of wealth and luxuries lose their glitter when you have issues with your health and fitness. With the increased pressures of modern day living, pollution, food adulteration, and the constant compulsion to stay ahead in the rat race, health and fitness both suffer. So what can one do to ensure that one is fit both physically and mentally? Is there something that can be incorporated into our busy lives to ensure that we are fighting fit and ready to take on the world as we wake up in the morning every day? Is there a magic mantra that will ensure that you do not cringe at the thought of getting to work on a Monday morning? Yes, there are many simple hacks which once incorporated into our lifestyles slowly and gradually ensures a seamless balance of body, mind, and the environment. Here are 10 simple tips for health and fitness that are sure to change your body, mind, and soul.

Early To Bed And Early To Rise

Health and fitness

This old adage still holds true. Yes, the modern trend is to go to bed when the birds are waking up and rise when the sun is up. But such a practice can have disastrous effects in the long run. Waking up early had many beneficial effects on the metabolism of the body. Waking up early gives you more time and you feel at peace, things seem to fall in place more easily and you feel relaxed.

Get Out And About

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Once you have managed to get your sleeping pattern right and start getting up early, it is time to head out. Go out and breathe in some fresh air. Mornings are the time when the roads are relatively devoid of traffic and is the best time to get some good quality oxygen into the system. Take a long walk or jog or hop on to a bicycle and experience the exhilaration of the early morning air on your face. Hear the music of the birds and smile at the dewdrops shining on fresh and tender leaves. Look up at the sky and watch the changing colour on the eastern horizon. This is going to be a booster dose for your health and fitness like no other artificial health supplement. Your blood circulation will get going and your mind is sure to acquire a state of calm.

Find Your Inner Calm

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Every morning or evening, whatever the time convenient to you take out some time to delve deep within yourself. Sit in a quiet and darkened room, preferably in lotus posture, Padmasana or cross-legged. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This is the beginning of meditation. You can do it yourself, no need to attend glamourous and hyped courses which you forget about once you are done. Initially, once you start the exercise, thoughts will flit across your mind, do not resist, let them rise. Just observe your thoughts. Over a period of time, these thoughts will recede into the background and ultimately disappear. This is when you will experience a Zen-like serenity within. 10 to 15 minutes of this meditation activity is bound to keep you energized for the entire day.

Work Your Own Workout


Choose a physical workout that suits you. It could be anything from simple bending exercises to Yoga and Surya Namaskar. It could be aerobics or skipping or pushing weights. Any or a combination of these would do fine and all of this can be done in your own home without having to go to the gym. A workout of say around 30 minutes will surely do volumes for your health and fitness.

Watch Your Diet

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One important key to overall health and fitness is what you eat. There is, of course, no need to starve. Eat normal food but always in moderation. Do not skip breakfast, in fact, make it your main meal. Reduce the quantity of food from breakfast onwards, i.e. ensure your lunch is lighter than your breakfast and your dinner is lighter than your lunch. Avoid unhealthy snacking and processed food. Go for natural foods and ensure a good intake of vegetables and fruits. And most important of all do not binge! say no to your stomach when it is 80% full, do not yield to its cravings or you shall become its slave.

It’s All In The Mind

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A healthy mind is as important if not more to overall health and fitness. Cultivate a positive attitude and see the change around you. The power of positive thought is tremendous and can not only transform you but also impact the people around you. Positive thoughts create an aura of well being all around you and your health, as well as fitness levels, go up dramatically.

Hope you like these simple hacks to ensure optimal health and fitness, these are hacks that can be practiced right away. Do let us know what you think of them?

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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